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11/20/2018: Hai-Bin received the notice of award from NIAID for his R01 project "Protein O-GlcNAcylation in Regulatory T Cell Function".

7/18/2018: The back cover image of the June/July issue of ASBMB Today featured Bing at the ASBMB '18 Annual Meeting.

Bing ASBMB 18

6/11/2018: Kudos to Bing for being awarded a finalist of the Young Investigator Competition at the ninth Visscher Symposium.

5/28/2018: Ming's paper titled "Deficiency in Intestinal Epithelial O-GlcNAcylation Predisposes to Gut Inflammation" was accepted for publication by EMBO Mol Med. Congratulations!

5/15/2018: Hai-Bin received the notice of award from NIAID for his R21 project "O-GlcNAc signaling enables the intestinal epithelial remodeling associated with type 2 immunity".

4/21-25/2018: Bing was awarded an ASBMB 2018 Graduate/Postdoctoral Travel Award to attend the ASBMB 2018 Annual Meeting in San Diego, CA. She presented her poster "O-GlcNAcylation Controls Regulatory T Cell Homeostatis and Function".
Bing 2018 ASBMB 

11/13/2017: Hai-Bin received a notice of funding for his ADA Innovative Basic Science Award.

10/27/2017: Pedro Rodriguez, a first year Physiology graduate student, joined the lab for rotation.

9/11/2017: New semester, new faces. Welcome Brianna and Madysen joining the lab.

7/28/2017: Farewell lunch for Ryan. Hope you have an awesome grad school experience at Northwestern.
ryan farewell

5/9-13/2017: Hai-Bin attended the Keystone Symposia - Gastrointestinal Control of Metabolism in Copenhagen, Denmark, and was invited for an oral presentation.

4/22-26/2017: Hai-Bin attended the Experimental Biology 2017 meeting in Chicago and presented at the Advances in Glycobiology session.

3/29/2017: Hai-Bin received the 2017 Innovation Grant Award from the University of Minnesota Medical School.

3/15/2017: Dr. Zengdi Zhang joined the lab as a Visiting Scholar.

1/30/2017: Hai-Bin received notice of an award from the Mizutani Foundation for Glycoscience

12/30/2016: The Ruan Lab 2017 Winter Appreciation Dinner at Little Szechuan.
2017 New Year

11/15/2016: Lab lunch at Indian Palace, St Paul welcoming Chinmayi.
Lab lunch 11/15/16

11/3/2016: Hai-Bin gave a seminar at the Capital University of Medical Sciences, China.

11/2/2016: Hai-Bin gave a seminar at the Xinxiang Medical University, China.

10/6/2016: Hai-Bin spoke at the Citywide Endocrine Conference.

9/13/2016: Lab gathering at Goldy's Gameroom to welcome Meng. Apparently, Ryan is the best bowler in the lab. We were so focused on the game and the food that only this "group picture" was taken.
Lab bowling

9/6/2016: Meng Cheng joined the lab.

7/29/2016: Kaiqun Ren, PhD received China Scholarship Council fellowship and will join the lab later in December.

6/9-6/14/2016: Hai-Bin and Ming attended the 7th Scientific Symposium of Chinese-American Diabetes Association and the 76th Scientific Sessions of American Diabetes Association in New Orleans, LA.

6/1/2016: Ryan Heck, who recently graduated from Valparaiso University, joined the lab as a Researcher 1. Welcome, Ryan!

3/31/2016: Zan Huang, PhD received China Scholarship Council postdoctoral fellowship and will join the lab later this year.

2/7/2016: Bing Liu, PhD accepted the offer to join the lab as a postdoc.

1/28/2016: IACUC protocol approved.

1/21/2016: Mice imported from Yale arrived.

1/4/2016: The Ruan Lab officially opened.

11/25/2015: Ming Zhao, PhD accepted the offer to join the lab as a postdoc.

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