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Principal Investigator:


Hai-Bin Ruan, Ph.D. (Email)
Hai-Bin Ruan received his Ph.D. in Genetics from Nanjing University in 2008, mentored by Dr. Xiang Gao. He then did his postdoctoral training at Yale University School of Medicine with Dr. Xiaoyong Yang from 2009 to 2015. In January 2016, he started his independent research lab at the Department of Integrative Biology & Physiology of University of Minnesota Medical School.  




Postdoctoral Associates:

Ming ZhaoMing Zhao, Ph.D. (Email)
Start date: Jan 2016.
Research interest: Microbiota-host interactions & intestinal homeostasis.
Ming Zhao received his Bachelor of Medicine degree from the Peking University Health Science Center in 2008 and his Ph. D. degree in Nutritional Biochemistry from the University of Minnesota, twin cities in 2015. His previous research was focused on adipogenesis, inflammation and the “browning” of white adipocyte progenitors. Now, in the Ruan lab, he studies the microbiota-host interactions & intestinal homeostasis. While trying to become a better researcher in the lab, he is also improving his 3-point shooting and hoping to be as good as Steph Curry in one day.

Zengdi Zhang

Zengdi Zhang, M.D. & Ph.D. (Email)
Start date: March 2017
Research interest: Adipokine physiology
Zengdi is a pediatrician at Nanjing Children’s Hospital, China. She received her M.D. degree in Clinical Medicine from Wuhan University and her Ph.D. degree from Nanjing Medical University. Her previous research was mainly focused on Medulloblastoma. In the Ruan lab, she studies the physiological function of an adipocyte-derived hormone.
Zan HuangZan​​​​ Huang, Ph.D. (Email)
Start date: December 2016
Research interest: Brown/beige fat & energy metabolism
Zan received his Ph.D. degree in Biology from Nanjing University in 2014, and became an Associated Professor at Nanjing Agriculture University since then. His previous research was mainly focused on thermogenesis in brown adipose tissue, and now he is focusing on the intergrowth among virus and microbiota in intestine. In the Ruan lab, he continues to work on cellular and molecular underpinnings of thermogenesis.

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