Past members


Name Time Current Position
Bing Liu 05/2016-01/2019 Postdoc at City of Hope


Graduates (including rotations)

Name Time Graduate Program
Pedro Rodriguez 10/2017-12/2017 IBP rotation student


Visiting Scholars

Name Time Current Position
Kaiqun Ren 12/2016-12/2017 Associate Professor at Hunan Normal University



Name Time Current Position
Chinmayi Sahu 11/2016-09/2018  
Ryan Heck 06/2016-07/2017 Consultant at Navigant


Undergraduate Students

Name Time Position
Emily Wolniewicz 01/2020-03/2020 UMN Class of 2020
Brianna Ong 09/2017-06/2019 UMN Class of 2019
Meng Cheng 09/2016-04/2017 Graduate student at UNC
Madysen Cramer 09/2017-06/2018 UMN Class of 2019
Adam Chen 11/2017-06/2018 UMN Class of 2020