Statement & Manual

  • Vision: Strive for excellence

    • Conduct cutting-edge and rigorous research on metabolic physiology.
      • High standards, high expectations
      • Scientific rigor, reproducibility
    • Support professional development of all lab members.
      • Undergraduates, Graduates, Postdocs
      • Diverse career paths
    • Create a positive, collaborative and inclusive lab environment.
      • Teamwork, shared vision
      • Communicate research and ideas, provide constructive suggestions
      • Embrace diversity and inclusion; fight inequality and discrimination
      • Be honest, open, and motivated

  • Mission: Driven to understand metabolic physiology

    • Elucidate metabolic mechanisms of tissue adaptation and remodeling.
      • in response to dietary, environmental, and microbial signals
      • mechanisms of intercellular, inter-tissue, and inter-organ communication
    • Identify therapeutic targets for obesity, diabetes, inflammation, and aging. 

  • Lab Manual

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